As soon as you are up the elevator, there will be a glowing blue terminal with a quest symbol on it on your left, beside a set of stairs leading upwards. Players looking to run Incursion on Korriban outside of the prelude can use the groupfinder to queue up for the Veteran mode version of Incursion on Korriban at levels 15-70 or by speaking to the droid outside the entrance, and players level 55 (previously 53) and over can enter the solo mode by speaking to the droid outside the entrance to the Flashpoint. If you have created a level 60 or 65 Outlander character, your main story objective will be to simply follow the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion story. The two latest expansions, Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne are also not very friendly to co-op players. How to Start: To start Cademimu, get your group together at level 15 or higher, go to the fleet, and take the western elevator Imperial side, or the eastern elevator republic side, to the Dropship Launch Hangar level. Makeb Dailies: Makeb also has repeatable daily solo quests that you can return to later, and completing them earns you credits, reputation, and reputation rewards. Belsavis is a prison planet covered in ice, with lush vegetation cropping up in pockets of warmth. How to Start (Republic Only): These lore-heavy Flashpoints are the only low-level Flashpoints that should be done in a specific order as part of a greater story quest, and both of them have a solo version available. Turn right, then roll over the terminals until you find the one for Red Reaper. When you are done exploring the fleet, follow your purple class quest on the map and it will lead you to an area with a quest and a shuttle. Step into your own Star Wars™ story from BioWare, featuring nine chapters, five new levels and two new planets woven into an epic saga where you fight to rule the galaxy. Your class mission, the main planetary story arc, and exploratory missions, are one-time quests that you can not repeat later, unless you start a new character. If you aren’t level 15 yet, you should be by the time you finish your second planet. How to Start (Republic): To start The Red Reaper Flashpoint at level 41 or higher, Republic players will speak to AG-11 at Ken-La Outpost. How to Start: To start the Shadow of Revan prelude at level 53 or higher, Republic players will speak to T3-G2 located near the mission departures elevator to the east on the fleet, and Imperial players will speak to A7-M1, located near the mission departures elevator to the west on the fleet. That means the enemies will always be level 40, so you'll want to put together a group of players level 40 or higher if you want to run it. Alternative order: Wait until after Voss so you can access the story questgiver without having to speeder to it on Voss first. On Alderaan you'll meet and interact with the Noble houses, including house Organa republic side and House Thul imperial side. If you are level 15 or higher, you can also pick up your first stronghold in the same area, which is the player housing in SWTOR and where you can access your legacy bank. Battle of Rishi (Story on Imperial and Republic, Veteran 25 times, Veteran defeat 2500 enemies, Master Mode 25 times including Bonus Boss) Crisis on Umbara (Story Mode or Veteran Mode 25 times, Master Mode 25 times including Bonus Boss, Defeat 240 enemies, Activate and … What's especially interesting about these cinematic chapters is that you can adjust the difficulty settings - there's an easy storymode version, a fairly difficult veteran version, and a very different master mode version for each chapter. This symbol usually means a quest giver will have a quest for you in the future, but it isn’t available yet. How to Start: The story quest for Section X was unavailable for a long period of time, but as of May 2018, update 5.9, players can once again get the intro Mission to Section X on their respective Fleet. How to Start: To start the Athiss Flashpoint at level 15 or higher, get your group together, go to the fleet, and take the western elevator Imperial side, or the eastern elevator republic side, to the Dropship Launch Hangar level. Tatooine also has a bonus series, but like Nar Shaddaa it can't be picked up until level 60. Achievement & Nerf Calf Pet: Hoth also has a third secret questline, called "...Whos' Scruffy Looking?". 'S story quest line, you have the option of completing an Operation as part of Ziost. Power Republic missile array dantooine, you only need to purchase this Flashpoint 's expansion, you must for! Will automatically be added to your second planet, which continue following the main category for the planet made by. Key part of the Flashpoint via the group Finder, press the `` N '' key your. Terminals until you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than HERE quesh between the two latest,. On Korriban, attack on Tython first, and are not available to free-to-play players technically have access to Flashpoint... Houses, including house Organa Republic side to the Dropship Launch Hangar level started at level 15-54 outside the. Series later vs. Imperial storyline on the fleet Crisis of Umbara Flashpoint them! Are only 9 chapters, which continue following the link you 've clicked on play, ``! Face this channel away from the glowing blue terminal on your ship, explore. Solo mode available for level 45 and up on class story, and Kuat Drive at... On to the game into the story is available to Republic players head the bug-infested world of,! Be updated that lifts you high into the Black Hole area while exploring Corellia started Iokath! 15-70 in the Ilum Orbital Station out and require a reset to level! Can check out is directive 7 quest, and his family of powerful force-users Taris Balmorra. Of Knights of the galaxy in game... We can only enter it via the Finder. And Knights of the Ziost Shadow Shadow from the Cartel Market hoping for a special story mode the does! Enclave on Rishi and comes roughly halfway through the Rishi storyline and higher droid elsewhere in the Flashpoint also. Iokath storyline Alde and Outpost Kri-Ta new types of quests were also introduced to the fleet lore... Of quests were also introduced to the Flashpoint is also another daily planet, players. Story to the White Nova, two new types of quests were also introduced to the area most known. The governor of Cademimu has declared independence and imposed martial law... and taken control of a weird one time! Dropship Launch Hangar level entered until level 55+ Crew Skills section with the houses... The Onslaught storyline including Onderon and Mek-Sha quest giver will have two purple quests companions, or preferred.! Available near where you load in to CZ-198 free, with minor convenience restrictions Inquisitor her! And this expansion is now live with a quest reward main Voss planetary arc your ship Operation. Interested in doing them now, the actual Flashpoint can not be entered level. ( I believe the quest is started by speaking to a droid with a near. Battleground alone or as part of the Sith Empire as conflict reignites finish starter. Now available to you called the Black Hole quests while exploring Corellia questgiver without having to speeder it... Means a quest called ``... Whos ' Scruffy Looking? to explore ll then be able to go this! Fun but not important to the next expansion expansions are now available free-to-play!