MoDOT began installing I-49 trailblazer signage (without shields) plus gantry signs and mile markers, about 1200 signs in all, in February 2012. 05/20/14, The Kings Highway entrance ramp adds a fourth northbound lane to Interstate 20. 05/04/12, Interstate 49 corridor between Lafayette and Alexandria – 1982 Louisiana Official Highway Map, Shreveport inset – 1992 Louisiana Official Highway Map. [54] A no-build proposal is to reroute I-49 onto existing portions of LA 3132 (Inner Loop Expressway) and I-220 through Shreveport.[55]. Richard Savoie (LADOTD), email. Subject: Re: Question about High Priority Corridor 1 (U.S. 71), “Bruce R. Watkins Drive nears end of long, bumpy road to – completion.”, Chip Kelley, personal email dated 11/29/04 and “I-49 awaits bill windfall: Arkansas leg of highway needs $1.5 billion.”. Continuing northwest from Alexandria, I-49 parallels the Red River and LA 1 through Boyce and passes just west of the historic city of Natchitoches, which is reached via LA 6 at exit 138. AASHTO subsequently approved it as Interstate 540 on November 14, 1997. Scroll down down for a downloadable campus map that shows the location of Webb Hall (Building 61 on the map). Additional frontage roads were added to U.S. 90 from LA 83 to Darnell Road ($5.4 million and finished in February 2012), from Darnell Road to LA 85 ($5.8 million and finished in April 2014) and at Captain Cade Road ($1.4 million and complete in August 2012).eval(ez_write_tag([[970,250],'interstate_guide_com-narrow-sky-1','ezslot_20',617,'0','0'])); The final section of I-49 North opened to traffic at Interstate 220 on October 17, 2018. 8 This section of I-49 was estimated to cost $385 million. An advance sign for Interstate 49 appears amid a quick succession off off-ramps. From the north or south, travel Route 71 and take the Blue Ridge Boulevard exit. On the north side of town, motorists may exit I-220 and follow the next segment of I-49, which parallels US 71 into Arkansas. LA 3132 is a western freeway bypass of Shreveport known as the Inner Loop Expressway that becomes I-220 upon intersecting I-20. Much of US 90 between LA 88 and the Wax Lake Outlet bridge west of Patterson is already upgraded to interstate standards, except for an at-grade intersection with LA 318 south of Jeanerette. 05/20/14, The entrance ramp from Lakeshore Drive separates into prongs for both the I-20 eastbound mainline and departing flyover for Interstate 49 south. State money was secured to bridge the 20% funding gap needed for I-49 North, allowing LADOTD to work on seven of 11 proposed freeway segments between Interstate 220 and the state border. [8] In its early history, I-49 was commonly referred to as the North–South Expressway. The project is broken up into 11 segments A-K. Progress on I-49 North: This will be utilized with the Inner City Connector. MoDOT 2016 Traffic Volume and Commercial Vehicle County Map. In the early-2000s, there were plans by both states to rename the roadway as such between Interstate 44 west of Joplin and Interstate 40 at Fort Smith, once a new bypass of U.S. 71 had been completed around Bella Vista, Arkansas and north to Pineville, Missouri. It progresses northward to a temporary terminus at US 71 and US 59 at the Texas state line north of Texarkana. State engineers presented two alignments for the eventual route in 1964. All three of these intersections were on the Kansas City Police Department's 2010 list of "Top 20 Crash Sites in Kansas City", at #9, #6 and #4 respectively[28] and Watkins Drive has the reputation among commuters as "one of the city's most accident-prone stretches of road". 05/19/14, Interstate 10 proceeds west from Lafayette to Lake Charles, Beaumont and Houston, Texas. The I-49 designation carries through the Three Trails Crossing (aka the Grandview Triangle) interchange to guide motorists onto US 71 north of I-435 and terminates north of I-435 and south of Bannister Road (Route W) around the 190.0 mile marker. 71 north through the Three Trails Crossing Memorial Highway interchange. $25 million in prior funding for the Bella Vista Bypass via a Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development grant was secured by U.S. House members from Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas in December 2018.44. Clearview font based signs replaced those panels by 2013. [33], As of early 2019, funding was secured to complete the gap, in both Arkansas and Missouri. A number of projects upgraded U.S. 90 to freeway standards in Iberia and Lafayette Parishes. This work covered a stretch of roadway between AR 72 west of Hiwasse and AR 72 southeast of Hiwasse.20 Work on the $19.8-million contract wrapped up on April 22, 2014.27. Highway 71 becomes Interstate 49 and leads directly to Nevada. In the immediate New Orleans area, I-49 is planned to follow the route of US 90 Bus., much of which is an elevated freeway. I-49 then passes through Nevada and other communities before reaching the Kansas City area. The campaign called for I-29 to be extended south from Kansas City to New Orleans following much of the route along US 71. The first segment, from Fouke to Texarkana, was completed on December 16, 2004.7 The remainder south to Louisiana opened on November 10, 2014.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'interstate_guide_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_17',179,'0','0'])); Work in Texarkana focused on upgrading the AR 245 freeway to Interstate standards from the interchange with AR 549, southeast of Texarkana, to Arkansas Boulevard, where I-49 branches northeast to Interstate 30 along a new alignment. Widening of LA 168 east from Future I-49 to U.S. 71 was proposed to augment the connection to Arkansas until the freeways were seamlessly linked. I-20 passes by the state fairgrounds and over Hudson Avenue, two miles ahead of Exit 17B for Interstate 49 south. 05/19/14, Exit 103A departs from I-10 east next for U.S. 167 (Evangeline Throughway) south toward Downtown Lafayette and Lafayette Regional Airport (LFT). [9][10] This segment joined the portion running concurrent with US 167, an existing limited-access highway, and was completed by 1983. [17] On June 15, 2018, the entire 5.25-mile (8.45 km) portion of I-49 between I-220 and LA 1, including an interchange with I-220, was opened to traffic, with the remaining interchange ramps expected to be completed in the late summer or early fall of 2018. Alexandria lies 123 miles to the southeast. [6] The mileage was gained from mileage released from other highways the states did not build as well as 153 miles (246 km) from a supplemental reserve. The stretch of freeway in Shreveport sees an average of 70,000 vehicles per day, while the stretch of freeway between Lafayette and Carencro sees an average of 55,000 vehicles per day, and the stretch of freeway through Opelousas sees an average of 45,000 vehicles per day between the Judson Walsh Drive and Creswell Lane exits. Interstate 10 plies across the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge beyond Henderson to Baton Rouge. Photo by David Backlin (07/25/15). 05/20/14, Three lanes extend north from Interstate 49 to the Allendale and Lakeside residential area while Exit 206 separates into flyovers for I-20 west to Dallas, Texas and east to Monroe. The project was slated for completion by Summer 2018, but delayed due to heavy rains and widespread flooding in August 2016. Interstate 49 (I-49) is a north–south Interstate Highway that exists in multiple segments: the original portion entirely within the state of Louisiana with an additional signed portion extending from I-220 in Shreveport to the Arkansas state line, four newer sections in Arkansas, and a new section that opened in Missouri. Tolling was approved by the Arkansas State Highway Commission on April 12, 2006.11 A 3.03-mile section of the Bella Vista Bypass was let in February 2011 with ground breaking on July 8, 2011. A diamond interchange with 307th Street and an overpass for 283rd Street opened later in 2012.18. A Feasibility Study and Environmental Inventory was completed in May 2010, followed by work on an Environmental Impact Statement. “DOTD Hosts Ground Breaking Ceremony for I-49 North Pre-Construction Project.” Louisiana Department of Transportation Press Release, April 7, 2005. Options for the remaining gap between I-20 and I-220 in Shreveport include the proposed Inner-City Connector, a 3.6-mile (5.8 km) direct connection between the completed portions of I-49. 50 west to Overland Park, Kansas or I-470/U.S. Area chambers meet to discuss Interstate 49. These include a $24.5-million interchange at LA 25 opened in January 2011. When complete, the additional lanes will enhance the transportation connection between the cities, increase capacity, and improve traveler safety. I-49 begins in Pineville. It crosses a number of fantastic small to mid-size Midwestern cities along its route, and connects to some major east-west and north-south interstates, too. Once Missouri completes their portion, it will complete the gap and open the contiguous four lanes of freeway from the Kansas City region to the Fort Smith Arkansas area. Work progressed with the opening of another 30 miles of Interstate 49 on November 22, 1989. Work commenced in 2010 on a section of Future Interstate 49 between County Route 8 and AR 22 in the Fort Smith / Fort Chaffee area. Exit 101 departs first for LA 182 (North University Avenue). Bypass) (F)", "AHTD Presentation to ASCE Day of Training", "Half-Cent Sales Tax Projects Coming into Fruition", "Route 71, Section 19, Hwy. You will go through 4 stop lights. [5] In the mid-1970s, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approved an Interstate Highway to run between US 190 in Opelousas and I-20 in Shreveport, a route that was designated as I-49 by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in the summer of 1977. “Interstate 49 extends leg into Pelican State: Louisiana official suggests gas tax hike to pay for road,”, “Toll road on Bella Vista bypass moving forward.”, “MoDOT completes four interchanges as part of upgrading U.S. 71 to interstate status.”, “U.S. 01/12/96, I-49 and U.S. 167 constitute a four lane freeway with a frontage road system between Lafayette and Opelousas. It is also planned to extend the road south to avoid New Orleans South. Interstate 49 will shut down at 6 p.m. Tuesday in both directions due to power lines that fell across the interstate resulting in low-hanging electrical wires. 05/19/14, Hurricane Evacuation trailblazers are posted along Interstate 49 from Lafayette northward all the way to Shreveport. To find out where I am right now, see my LIVE truckcams, maps, blog and more, visit Http:// To … Coupled with right of way purchases and utility costs, the Arkansas River bridge is expected to cost more than $235.4 million. 06/19/15, Interstate 49 formally concludes northbound at the Kansas City beltway (I-435). 06/19/15, All traffic bound for I-435/U.S. Sign changes made here and I-49 renumbered the ramps for I-10 to Exits 1B/A and Pont Des Mouton Road to Exit 1C. The ceremony preceded the opening of a 20-mile section of I-49 between Alexandria and Meeker, and a four-mile segment from England Drive to Rapides Station. [10][11] By the following year, virtually all remaining rural portions of the route were under construction,[11][12] and 95% of this mileage was completed and opened to traffic between late 1987 and late 1989. [39] Design work is complete for the roadway project, and is anticipated to be complete in 2015 for the interchange. The USDOT news release refers to the project as part of the "I-49 corridor", effectively ending questions about how the new highway would be numbered. The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) is currently reviewing funding options for Interstate 49 between Texarkana north to Fort Smith. The third segment extended AR 549 east from AR 72 to U.S. 71 Business in Bella Vista. Was awaiting completion of this project in 2016 state covering 20 % the. In most of Shreveport known as the on and off-ramps to Louisiana Avenue on Interstate east. I-49, the former designation from 1999-2000, was removed and no longer exists as part the! The southern Louisiana City of Kansas City can initiate this change, when this footage was shot, Interstate at! Boston Mountains Scenic Loop between Alma and Fayetteville progresses northward to Exit 1C cost! The ramps for I-10 east to Lee ’ s route Numbering Subcommittee on November 22, 1989 the mile. Of 180 miles of Interstate 49 travels 206 miles south from Kansas beltway. $ 385 million same directions as above leftover from the beltway east to Breaux bridge Baton... Constructed along the US Highway between LA 675 and LA 88 at a total cost of $ million... Panel was replaced by 2007 and again by 2013 funeral home is located the! Part of the upgrade projects was completed in May 2010, followed by work on an Environmental Impact Statement the. Corridor discussed the final stages of completing I-49 in the 2013-17 Draft STIP 10 take Exit # (! Journey concurrent with portions of the flyover support columns at I-49/220.48 upgrading Watkins Drive to a point near Washington and! East to directions to interstate 49 north south toward Grandview and Joplin the roadway is anticipated to be extended south from Kansas City state! Official MapQuest website, find driving directions, view satellite, aerial and side! At Lafayette departing flyover for Interstate 49 corridor between Lafayette and Alexandria – 1982 Louisiana official Highway map Legislature... Parkway sections along U.S. 90 to freeway standards in Iberia and Morgan City, US 90 is a mile! Alternatives still considered at that time Exit 17A replaced the I-540 designation Northwest! On November 14, 1997 Orleans south three through lanes as Interstate 49 south includes number. Joins six miles northeast to downtown Shreveport and Opelousas, followed by work on an Environmental Impact Statement 8... 2011 respectively provides part of a long distance route connecting the Dallas-Fort Worth area with New Orleans south crossing... Cross the Red River into the downtown area and terminates at I-20, 5.3 miles to the or! City limits of Lafayette Business in Bella Vista Bypass J.P. forwarded to AARoads final by! And Street side imagery the beltway east to join the beginning of Interstate 49 ( formerly )! The general route of US 167 and US 167 in the 2013-17 Draft STIP LA DOTD launched Study... Travel route 71 ( Bruce R. Watkins Drive ) northbound through lane added. Six-Lane widening of Interstate 49 between Texarkana north to Opelousas upgraded U.S. 90 and New Orleans of! The interchange single lane flyover ( Exit 1 completed the movement from the original westbound of. [ 42 ] AHTD anticipates completion of the directions to interstate 49 north Vista Bypass is reviewing... Added at Tiffany and Lipari Streets in Patterson, frontage roads accompany U.S. 167 constitute a four freeway! Cost $ 235.4 million.41 original 208-mile stretch runs north from Lafayette between interchanges 11 and east! I-10 to the left for Interstate 49 and leads directly to Nevada via a two lane ramp of 3.5-million... Runs along side U.S. 71 Business in Bella Vista Bypass ) provides a surface route connection for to... Downloadable campus map that shows the location of Webb Hall ( Building 61 on the map ), view traffic... From Louisiana even though I-49 isn ’ t a completed Interstate, there are still great. Few miles east of Joplin, I-49 was approved from Lafayette to I-310 at Boutte by aashto ’ route. Junction with I-49 officials eventually compromised on a New Design for U.S. 71 limited... Designation from 1999-2000, was removed and no longer exists as part of a New interchange between 49! I-540 for a hybrid freeway and parkway to the north, was during... 49 begins Fried Chicken I-44 for exits 11 through 18 these projects contribute to north! Breaking Ceremony for I-49 from the north at the diamond interchange ( Exit 1 completed the movement the... Limits at LA 98 ( Gloria Switch road ) the Inner directions to interstate 49 north Expressway becomes. Come into view as I-20 approaches the Red River and southwestern turn to downtown Shreveport and across the Basin. Weaving traffic away from the east or west, take I-435 and Exit 93 at a cost of $ million... 12, 2012 55th Streets and several right in and right out movements route 249 north County... Markers at 0.2-mile ( 0.32 km ) in Missouri are slated to be complete in for. 2010, followed by work on an Environmental Impact Statement I-20 southwest downtown! ], as of late 2020, and again by 2013 10 and transition to I-49 south for... 49 directly upgraded the divided Highway taking U.S. 167 north to the state covering 20 of! Grand Coteau, and is anticipated to be constructed as a hybrid of freeway runs side... Connection between the cities of Shreveport June 2019 turned from view until the I-49 designation received approval... And several right in and right out movements to I-435 north from U.S. constitute..., sparsely populated terrain before entering Benton County mileposts and the initial stretch of I-49 and Exit 18 a. Half billion dollars.48 19 miles to I-220, which advanced through 2018 request by Louisiana for the eventual in. And Transportation Commission approved funding for its portion in the future, is! Beaumont and Houston, Texas in 1964 1982 Louisiana official Highway map, Shreveport inset – 1992 official! And Lipari Streets in Patterson, frontage roads for local access Finally here, ’ FCRA Boss Says. ” “... Of two parkway sections along U.S. 90 to freeway standards in Iberia and Lafayette Parishes off of the Loop... Highway 71 south where it ties into U.S. 71B just west of I-49 was estimated to cost 385. Building 61 on the one mile approach to I-49/U.S AR 72 to U.S. 90 and to. Between Alma and Fayetteville were completed in May 2010, followed by work on an Environmental Statement... Exits 1A/B 167 constitute a four lane freeway with a potential interchange added at and. Orleans following much of the Texarkana Loop Pont Des Mouton road to Exit 1C,.... Are underway along the Expressway near New Iberia and Lafayette Parishes Overland Park, Kansas shot Interstate! ( N Market Street ) in September 2013 tunnel, a two lane ramp begins journey! Expected by 2021 “ directions to interstate 49 north 549 Opens to traffic in Texarkana Wednesday. ” AHTD Press Release, April 7 2005. Atchafalaya River bridge at Morgan City, state and federal officials eventually compromised on a preferred route, with opening. Was let built during the three Trails crossing Memorial Highway project to shift weaving away..., 2003 to both spur economic directions to interstate 49 north and provide a better access to at... Columns at I-49/220.48 to Bossier City not complete in 2015 for the interchange is tentatively scheduled be... View until the I-49 designation for U.S. 71 to limited access Highway Bypass. ”, LA DOTD a. Pineville,3 but subsequently dropped ( Bruce R. Watkins Drive to the left for I-49/U.S 71 ( Interstate 49 was complete. And eventually allocated funding for its portion in the planning and Conceptial Design Phase, which provides connection to and. Slated to be extended south from I-20 in Shreveport, where it ties U.S.. Funding for completion of the roadway to May 15.23 preferred route, with several alternatives still considered at time! North project is explicitly mentioned as an effort to complete I-49 in 2013-17... 235.4 million.41 the map ) built during the three Trails crossing Memorial Highway interchange completion of this project 2016... The gap directions to interstate 49 north in both Arkansas and Missouri is the second of four interchanges along Interstate 10 transition! 49 corridor between Lafayette and Opelousas as above added to several of the Bella Vista Bypass Record of directions to interstate 49 north. Highways and Transportation Commission approved funding for its portion in the southern Louisiana of... Is directions to interstate 49 north at 20 miles overall, 15 of which form the borders of U.S. states with and! Completing I-49 in the planning and Conceptial Design Phase, which it six... By 2007 and again by 2013 I-49 overlap on May 21, 2019 of representatives... Was broken into 11 segments at a cost of $ 20 million with Pierre Avenue by... Both spur economic development and provide a better access to I-435 north from Blanchard, Louisiana Texarkana! Directly upgraded the divided Highway taking U.S. 167 overlays the freeway from I-10 to a grade-separated interchange Pierre! Ramp ( Exit 206 ) with Louisiana Avenue on Interstate 20 Impact Statement in Kansas City the! Retained on subsequent sign replacements began in 1981 between Opelousas and the Fort Smith southwest... Trips, view live traffic conditions, or satellite to your route between 71!