Hydrocyclones and classifiers

Classifiers and hydrocyclones are used as classification devices in mineral raw material enrichment plants and in milling locations in the aim of achieving the proper grain of the material for further processing.

HC Hydrocyclones possess a segmented construction, which facilitated their assembly in difficult spatial conditions without the use of heavy equipment.

The interior of the hydrocyclone is assembled using wear-resistant, replaceable rubber linings. The rubber outlet nozzle is cut to the diameter requested by the client. The proper diameters are indicated on the surface of the outlet nozzle. By selection the proper nozzles, the desired classification can be achieved in a broad array of parameters. The suspension can be classified by separated grain in the range of 0.0005-0.5 mm, with a unit output of the hydrocyclone of 20-600 m3/h. The inlet and outlet suction flanges are compatible with ordinary flange connections.

Through the use of a special rubber mixture, the lifespan of the lining is several times longer than that of steel parts.



We offer the following rubber parts and rubber-metal parts for HC hydrocyclones:
  • outlet nozzle
  • inlet nozzle
  • overflow nozzle
  • cone
  • head


Linings for spiral classifiers

We offer wear-resistant linings for spiral classifiers with diameters of:
  • 2400 mm,
  • 2600 mm,
  • 2700 mm

with varied cross sections.




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