Rubber linings for mills

 ZWG S.A. Iwiny is a producer of high-quality rubber linings for ball and cylpeps mills.

The construction of the linings guarantees an increase in the profitability of the production process, an improvement in milling efficiency and protection from wear.

Their durability is decidedly greater that the surfaces used in the past: cast steel or synthetic plates (such as EPU), basalt blocks etc.   This is achieved by using excellent wear-resistant rubber. An additional effect of the use of rubber linings is a significant reduction in noise, which improves the work environment surrounding the mill.


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Advantage of rubber linings

Greater load mass 

An increase in the mill’s working volume results from the difference in volume between traditional and rubber linings.

Greater mill output

Optimisation of the milling process through the use of the correct structure of rubber linings – in particular for lifting parts – and the increase in the mill load result in a increase in the output of the milling process.

Energy savings

Optimisation of the milling process, the lower weight of the rubber lining and cost shorter crushing times results in lower energy use.

Lower use of grinding media

The properties of the rubber linings cause lengthen the service life of grinding media.

Extended operation time

The extension of the time between refurbishments by 2 to 6 times.

Shortening of refurbishment time

Simple method for installation of linings and low weight of unified parts allow radically shortened refurbishment times.



Examples of products

drum rim end cap rim
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drum plate end cap plate
000_20_plyta_walczaka_ba_l1320 000_ba-r_plyta_walczaka_ba-r_l1320 000_30_plyta_dennicy_cb_l1260 000_33_plyta_dennicy_cg_l1010
internal ring
000_40_pierscien_zewnetrzny_da_l1320 000_42_pierscien_zewnetrzny_dg_l1320






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