Scrapers for belt conveyors

Our offer includes scraping elements for belt and tube chain conveyors.

The scrapers are used to clean belts of remnants of transported material, which can cause a range of unwanted phenomena such as: the appearance of gouges under the route of the conveyor, jamming of drums and rollers, sliding of the belt leading to tapering and damage. As a result of these phenomena the service life of the entire transport system is shortened and maintenance costs are increased.

Scrapers provide a fundamental improvement of the durability and reliability of the transport line. They reduce the frequency of renovations, reduce noise and dust, and prevent production line shutdowns.


The scraper may be made in a single- or double-layer model.
- single layer made from a single rubber mixture
- three-layered made from two types of mixtures in a “sandwich" arrangement.

Advantages to the use of a scraper:
  1. High effectiveness of cleaning with low pressure of the scraper to the belt.
  2. Low idle time, high flexibility of machine’s operations.
  3. Easy of assembly for various types of conveyors.
trapezoidal scraper with insert
trapezoidal scraper without insert
three-layer scraper
single-layer scraper



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