Our company offers adhesion of thin rubber panels and renovation and adhesion to drums of conveyor belts.

We offer comprehensive renovations of roller drums and drivers covered that are with a rubber lining. Covering drums with a rubber lining that includes a proper type of surface texture results in the achievement of a self-cleaning effect for the drum surface and other rotating parts, significantly improving the way in which the work together.

ZWG Iwiny is able to produce rubber for drums using the following methods:

  • cold gluing
  • vulcanisation in autoclaves

We also offer linings for drums for self adhesion of drums performed by the client's own maintenance team in the form of smooth tiles or tiles with a cut tread made from fire-resistant general-purpose rubber mixtures permissible for use in underground mining settings.

We are able to manufacture any thickness, but we recommend linings with a thickness of 10, 12 or especially 15 mm (recommended by PN-C-941444). These linings can be made as smooth or treaded in herringbone, diamond or grid patterns in a maximum format of 2000x1400mm, as well as on barrel drums.

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