There are two raised alcoves here. Rise of the Tomb Raider - Soviet Installation, Find the Cistern Cavern Tomb, Infiltrator Outfit, Compound Bow Complete the main story, side missions and Cistern Cavern in the Soviet Installation. Then shoot the can to blow open the door, flooding the room. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. So, I've done the ancient cistern tomb and i realised after i pressed Q that i missed one box that is in the dome and when i got up to read the book i saw that the box is flooded and i went in to try and open it but couldn't. There are two total Ancient Cistern documents in the game. Then slide into the room below. Rise of the Tomb Raider - Ice Ship, Red Mine, Ancient Cistern, Voice of God How to locate and complete the Challenge Tombs in the Glacial Caverns and Soviet Installation regions of Rise … Then swim across the pool and follow the passageway around to the right, collecting some cloth from the container in the corner. Shoot the canister and swim out to the middle pillar to claim your reward. Wait for the gears to turn so there is a gap between them. Again, this opens the sluice gate, sweeping the platform with the can to the left. Rise of the Tomb Raider Soviet Installation. ... Now backtrack through the area until you find your way back to the tomb’s entrance … Following up on Crystal Dymanics' prequel/reboot to the Lara Croft saga, this second game picks up the story following the events of the first game. Climb onto the ledge above and jump to grab the horizontal beam. Our full Rise of the Tomb Raider Let’s Play Walkthrough will feature the entire Single Player, all Story Missions, Side Missions, Collectibles, Optional Tombs, Challenges, Documents, Relics, Murals, Strongboxes, Crypt Treasures, Survival Caches, … Copyright © var curDate=new Date(); document.write(curDate.getFullYear()) - Stellalune ( Then shoot the can to destroy the door, raising the water level to its highest point. Move around to the stairs on the right and jump across the gap to reach the higher ledge on the other side of the room. Only enter the cave for the document, otherwise head over to the crane and shoot down the log like I do in the video. This time, instead of trying to shoot the can, drop down, swim across to the platform (hold B/Shift to swim faster), and climb on top of it. Your goal now is to raise the large door. Soviet Installation - Ancient Cistern Challenge Tomb The entrance to this tomb is located just north of the ABANDONED SAWMILL in the Logging Camp area. One contains a box of supplies, the other a document (8/26), A Warning from the Ancient Cistern series. Bonus tomb Ancient Cistern ... Do this and the entrance to the bonus tomb opens (a shaft will be visible there). Examine it for XP and Greek. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a follow up to 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot and as a continuation of the story, players will once again enter the well-tread boots of Lara Croft. Well Ancient Cistern was In Cistern Cavern Tomb (is a base camp you can fast travel to). Ancient Cistern Tomb Puzzle Solution. If there's still time, scramble up the wall into the opening. Take a running jump across the chasm and latch on with your axes. Just jump over to the location on the map below and the Ice Ship will be hanging from the wall directly in front of you. When the beam reaches its lowest point, drop down, draw your bow or pistol, and aim in the vicinity of the round door. multilanguage interactive Map for Rise of the Tomb Raider with all Challenges, Missions, Documents, Relics, Survival Caches, Coin Caches, Strongboxes, Murals, Explorer Satchels, Monoliths, Crypt Entrance, Achievement Guides and you can track your progress It is similar to the others, but there are no red oil cans nearby to destroy it. Feel free to copy or print this walkthrough for personal use. Wade along the flooded passageway to the Cistern Cavern Base Camp. Backtrack toward the ledges where you climbed down, then head to the right (south) through the rough archway flanked by primitive wooden totems. for (i=0;i